“She got kicked out and said she was leaving anyway.”
These documents include a four page list of 109 “important guests” who were invited to the event by the pro-Trump organization Women For America First…
“I don’t know what happened or who got his ear."
“It was like an accountability meeting and she skipped it." 
According to Harrison Floyd, he got involved after a phone call from a mysterious “chaplain who has a background in law enforcement.” 
The false attacks on the U.S. election system are being driven by forces within the GOP, major right-wing media outlets, conservative donors, and fringe…
The Uprising obtained a photo of the pair standing together in one of the ornate rooms at Mar-a-Lago. 
“I had gotten very frustrated with Nathan in the past because he kind of micromanaged details, but also wasn’t very responsive."
Former President Donald Trump was photographed last month at his private Florida club with Jeff Brain, who helped organize “patriot caravans” from…
“We are not a wealthy family and WFAF is only funded by the grassroots.”
The Fox News host and his camera crews managed to uncover some new information while downplaying the violence. 
The younger Adams previously worked with a business that has faced lawsuits and scrutiny over its business practices.