Here Is Former President Trump's Supposed Evidence Of Voter Fraud

The text below is an unpublished statement from former President Donald Trump. This statement was obtained by The Uprising from Trump’s office after inquiring about what evidence he has to support his persistent and false claims about his election loss to President Joe Biden.

The Uprising has published a detailed special report illustrating how this statement is filled with baseless and false claims. This analysis also shows how Trump’s election lies are being fueled and spread by right wing dark money, media outlets, and Republican officials. If you appreciate this kind of in-depth, original journalism, please sign up!

You can read Trump’s full, unedited statement below. It is being published here for the first time:

This was the most corrupt Election ever, and much has come out. In Pennsylvania, highly respected U.S. Attorney William McSwain said he was told by the Justice Department to not look for evidence of Election Fraud, but to pass it along to the Never Trump state Attorney General. Hundreds of thousands of ballots were counted in secret, in violation of the law, and ballot harvesting was suspected, including 25,000 requests for ballots from nursing homes at the “exact same time”.

In Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan illegal cash-for-votes scams were held for the Biden campaign. In Arizona, auditors have recently uncovered 275,000 potential cases of fraud, including 168,000 ballots not printed on VoteSecure paper; 3,981 people who voted despite registering after the legal Oct. 15 deadline; 18,000 people who voted but were removed from the voter rolls after the election; and 74,243 mail-in ballots with no evidence of ever being sent.

In Georgia, enough illegal votes “to tip 2020 results” have already been discovered of people who moved and voted in the wrong county. Over 100,000 ineligible voters were removed from the rolls after the election. A mysterious 136,155 votes for Biden were dropped at 1:34AM on Election night. Later, it was confirmed duplicated ballots were counted resulting in thousands of extra votes for Biden, and notes from Brad Raffensperger’s own investigator in Fulton County confirmed “double feedings” of ballots. Ballot tally sheets during the hand recount revealed fraudulent 100-0 vote counts for Biden, and 100,000 tally sheets were missing for months following the election. 

In Michigan, poll watchers were blocked from observing the count, and there were allegations that ballot counters were instructed to back-date mail-in ballots that came in too late. Big Tech election interference included Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg giving over $7 million to Detroit to “facilitate the return of absentee ballots” in drop boxes that lacked chain of custody.

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