Join The Uprising Book Club This Week!

The first meeting of The Uprising book club will take place this Wednesday, July 21  at 7pm and will feature Anna Merlan discussing her book “Republic Of Lies.” It will be exclusively available to Uprising subscribers. 

Merlan is a reporter for VICE who has spent years investigating the country’s leading conspiracy theorists. Her book explores how conspiracists have been with us since colonial times and gained unprecedented power and prominence in the Trump era. 

Founding members will be able to join the conversation live and ask questions. Subscribers will have access to a video in the coming days. 

If you’d like to check out the book ahead of the event, you can get a copy at this link or your favorite local independent bookstore. I plan to have these book club discussions on a monthly-ish basis. 

HOT BILL SUMMER: I spent an afternoon with Mayor de Blasio at the pool where he explained how he became a man “at peace” after “the gruelling reality of being Mayor.” De Blasio also weighed in on the mayoral election and the possibility he has another race on his mind. 

FUN FACT: New York’s first public pools were “floating baths” that were docked along the city’s rivers in the 19th century. These facilities were abandoned due to what the Parks Department described as “environmental degradation” that “tainted the floating bath experience.”

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