Welcome to The Uprising!

It’s time to get up!

The first issue of The Uprising, a new daily politics newsletter, will hit your inbox on Monday morning.

The U.S. Capitol was attacked 107 days ago. Over a half million people have died from the COVID pandemic. Violent clashes between activists, violent far right groups, and militarized police forces are becoming typical. As the streets simmer, the halls of power are being flooded with ever bigger sums of money that’s wielding influence and transforming lives. 

This is an age of upheaval. And a moment as unpredictable and unstable as this one demands an unconventional approach to political news. 

There are already many great newsletters coming from Washington, but this is going to be something different. At The Uprising, I will focus on the new forces driving the seismic shifts in the political landscape, details that have fallen out of the headlines, and major issues that aren’t covered closely enough including local races that are too often ignored.

Most importantly, I plan to get out of DC and connect policy with its impact on people through original reporting to show how decisions made in Congress, the White House, and statehouses affect the Americans across the country. While political media increasingly focuses on the national stage, some of the most urgent and intense issues facing the country are taking place outside of the spotlight in citizens’ daily lives. 

Reporters and political players pass by — and typically ignore — people living in tents and on sidewalks while heading to scripted events that dominate the news cycle. I want to change that. 

The Uprising is a fully independent venture that won’t be possible without your support. 

This newsletter will come out every morning Monday through Thursday. For the first four weeks, everything on The Uprising is going to be open to anyone who signs up for a free membership. Afterwards, about half of the daily newsletters and other features will only be available to subscribers. Readers who choose to become founding members will unlock even more exclusive events and content.

Readers are also strongly encouraged to send in feedback and, most importantly, news tips and gossip by replying to the emails or via my secure tip line: hunterwalker@protonmail.com

I have spent a decade reporting on politics, including stints inside the White House and New York’s City Hall. During that time, the network of alt weeklies — great papers that confronted corruption and inequality while always keeping it weird — were decimated. I want to bring some of that irreverent, muckraking spirit back. 

We’re going to have a good time.