My name is Hunter Walker and this is The Uprising, a morning politics newsletter that will hit your inbox four days a week.

This is an age of upheaval. And a moment as unpredictable and unstable as this one demands an unconventional approach to political news.

The Uprising will be a different kind of Washington newsletter focused on the new forces driving seismic shifts in the political landscape and the details that have fallen out of the headlines. Most importantly, I plan to get out of DC to report on local races and connect policy with its impact on people across the country.

I have spent the last decade reporting on politics including stints working inside the White House and New York’s City Hall. My work has appeared in a wide variety of publications including Yahoo News, Business Insider, New York Magazine, Gawker, and the Village Voice, among others. I was on the campaign trail during the last two elections and have been on the front lines of protests around the country. Now, I want to use this experience to bring you a unique and original take on the daily political news cycle.

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