The Uprising is a newsletter dedicated to reporting on the January 6 attack and its aftermath.

My name is Hunter Walker and I was at the U.S. Capitol last year when it was stormed. I have been reporting on the violence ever since.

This newsletter was originally dedicated to a wider variety of politics news. However, with investigations into January 6 heating up and a steady stream of new revelations about what took place that day, it is increasingly clear to me that this story is the most important one for me to follow exclusively. The Uprising will bring together news from various sources that are covering January 6 with the goal of identifying key turning points and seeing the broader context through each individual development.

January 6 wasn’t a one day event. It was the result of a sustained, multi-pronged campaign to promote false narratives about the 2020 election and to overturn President Trump’s loss. And even as we are still learning about this plot, there are new efforts underway to target the next election. The coming months will be a decisive moment in American history as we will see how the country confronts an organized and sustained push to undermine democracy.

I have spent the last decade reporting on politics including stints as a White House correspondent and inside the infamous “Room 9” in New York’s City Hall. My work has appeared in a wide variety of publications including Rolling Stone, the New Yorker, Yahoo News, Business Insider, New York Magazine, Gawker, the Village Voice, and the websites of Vanity Fair and The Atlantic, among others. I was on the campaign trail during the last two elections and have been on the front lines of protests around the country. I’ve also worked in the Hollywood gossip trenches.

The Uprising has already broken exclusive news based on leaked documents from the main January 6 rally, links between the Trump campaign and an effort to challenge the election in Georgia, and financial ties between an Arizona Senate candidate and rallies in support of the Capitol rioters. Expect a lot more to come!

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